This site is very informative site on why Rich and Carolyn do what they do to help out others.

Our Webite Is Based On Our Beliefs Only.... 

Rich and Carolyn do not disclose everything on this site due to the information was given to Rich and Carolyn by an Very Special Angel and is not to be disclosed to others.
Furthermore, some enteries remain in their Journals and will never be disclosed....


This is our own home in Michigan and this is where it all started for us because we had a Portal in our home.


R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal
Co-Founder: Rich Lewis & Carolyn Monroe Lewis

Location: Plant City, FL
Contact info: Cell: 813-850-4805
So please ask to speak to Carolyn.

Mission Statement:
We understand that calling someone for help is not easy
R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels has been there....
If  you have seen: The Conjuring... 
The Truth Behind the Movie...Harrisville Haunting then you know what Carolyn and Rich went through with Carolyn.... 
R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels has had to make the same decision as you are now,
especially when there is children involved like there was in their own personal case.

Rich and Carolyn don't even have to enter the home, when they clear the place(s).
I know it sounds strange, but it is true....

We Do Not Have To Do House Visits,
Sometimes We Do It Romotely....

All We Need Is An Address....

We guarantee that you will not have any more issues.
There will not even be any more residue(s) left on any premises.

They clean up Negativity and other Apparitions,
that should not be there.... 
Furthermore, They do not use Sage, Herbs, Candles, 
Holy Water, Salt, Olive Oil, and Incents etc.

Please See Psychic's and Oracles Page
Why we don't use them....

give you peace of mind for you or for your loved ones.
They have done so many places and not one person has had activity return....

R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team
goes where no one else will go or do what we do.
If You Need Referals We Have Them....

They use their intuitiveness to help you feel safe in your home again.

We will tell you that they are not ghosts like everyone thinks they are.
They are Not Ghost Busters, or Ghost Hunters.

R&C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team is not the Exorcist either, although they can help you or others in need.

They don’t even believe in Exorcist’s....

They Are the Real Deal...

Furthermore, they
 will not provoke what is there,
instead they have learned to clean it out like they have their  own personal case that they had and they have discovered that it is the same in all the cases they have done.

They will tell you their Names if it is given.

R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team have had Paranormal done to them and we only believe in one team that is similar to us.

Rich & Carolyn are not anything like those groups.

We are a 100% guarantee.

R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team are out to help others.

If you want to know why Rich & Carolyn do this,
it is because it was their calling to help others in need....

Rich and Carolyn were told that by a very Special Angel.

Carolyn was attacked by 300 negative ones and Rich asked for the Higher Power Our Heavenly Father, Jesus to Heal Carolyn.
Rich also asked the Heavenly Father and Jesus how to heal her and so many others.

R&C has learned so much about what happened to her and so many others

R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team are out to help others free of charge.

Rich & Carolyn
have their own special gifts and they don't just help you with our home they help you, if you ask questions they will step into your energy and have an answer just for you.

If they don't have the answer the angels do,
if the angels want to disclose the information to you

Rich & Carolyn are different than anyone else that is for sure....

Rich &
have been journaling their information to help others.

Rich &
just feel the energy at your home,
in fact when you come see Rich & Carolyn they can tell you right away if you have something in your home or property and that is when Rich & Carolyn cleanse everything that should not be there....

Especially Carolyn she knows before you leave her office sometimes how many in the home and how many on the property.

It is Free If Local....
f it is "NOT LOCAL WE DO CHARGE" for Rich's Time
& just for room and board and meals and fuel and tickets etc.

If our clients are not satisfied neither are we!

This is why we guarantee our investigations, unless you endorse any form of witchcraft,
devil worship, occult practices or any other such as Wicca, Paganism, or any other type of practices like Mediums, Crystal Ball readers, Psychics, Different types of White Magic, Black Magic, Wicca, Different types of witches or people who use a wigi board, Voodoo, Séances.

R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team has a strong belief in God, Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior and  is not affiliated with any other form of alternative religion.

The evidence review is the same day or night within an hour.
R &
C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team will be there for you until the end, we offer a solution into what you are experiencing, we will be available to you for answers and guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Instead we are more focused on helping people the main reason we get involved with paranormal investigation in the first place.
We are protected before we even get to your location.
Carolyn is also told by the angels if she is able to go to certain locations or not. Sometimes Rich goes solo. Even though Carolyn can feel it, see it before Rich gets there. Furthermore, feels it after rich is done.
R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team Investigative team will rule out Paranormal Phenomenon in your house and your house is not haunted like most people think….
They do not do Research on the house or building,
or history of the house and any other factors that could cause someone to think they were suffering from
paranormal activity.

They  have not studied theology and demonology they don’t have to because they communicate with the angels only....
They do not do scientific research methods they have their own principles and protocols, providing you with protection that is not found in any teams but one….
With that stated we ensure that you the Client will receive a Professional Ethical and Moral team that is set to the highest standards for your peace of mind forever.
First and foremost remember, we don’t think you have lost your mind.
This is what we do to help others

If you feel you are having activity in the house or property?
We do record and document paranormal activity that you have
, our main goal is to help you the individual(s), gain knowledge and educate you in the activity that you may be experiencing.
The first thing to remember if you suspect you have a “Guest” or other type of activity 99 percent of all activity can be explained!!!!
Let’s make this clear there are instances where the victims activity will be explained
or close proximity to High Tension electrical wires, faulty appliances, creaking floorboards, and settling walls or a person over active imagination.

There is an explanation for the incidents other than having a haunted house and we know what it is and we will not disclose that information due to it was passed down to us by a very special angel.
That's what makes R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team one of a kind....

R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal has a Client Confidentiality Form that must be filled out before we investigate and sometimes you dont  even have to fill out the form all depends on the need.

We ask that the residents or whoever is living on the property do not attempt to make any form of communication with the suspected entities for at least 2 weeks prior and after our home investigation. Strictly adhering to this guideline will allow the entity to build the necessary energy needed to communicate. Not adhering to this guideline could compromise your investigation and then really is no reason for us to be there.
We enjoy it when a home owner is excited about meeting R&C Angelic Intuitive Angels Investigation Paranormal Team and wants to learn more about our techniques and procedure.
Please ask questions after the investigation is over.

R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team is very busy;
we are dedicated to helping people
Please just fill out form on line if necessary.

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